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MTSE_10.0.1.0 on your platform UPDATE: I found this link on which says MTSE_10.0.1.0 is based on JAVA_10.0.1.0, so it is compatible with SQL Server 2016. Tuesday, May 17, 2014 The Crabby One is back! The Crabby One Who am I? You might remember me from such webcomics as Dishpan Hand Girl, Potty Mouth, and Stick It to Your Other Eye. I've had other names, of course, but those names were names I made up for me, whereas this one is kind of me. I'm Crabby, the writer, designer, and illustrator of Stick It To Your Other Eye. The name Stick It was, in fact, my working title for this comic. I also wrote and drew Dishpan Hand Girl (see right), before I sold that comic to my then-employer, Geek Syndicate. I've been making Stick It to your Other Eye (one, not two) since 2011. Why am I here? I've been blogging at Medium for several years, though this is my first full-time blog. I started writing/drawing Stick It to Your Other Eye as a side project, and that comic has since become a full-time job. Stick It is a webcomic, and I'm not going anywhere, but Stick It is not just a webcomic. It is the basis of a webcomic franchise, and the four other comics that make up that franchise - Newfangles, I'm A Bus Driver, Drew John No One, and Nine Silly Misadventures - are all based on Stick It. If you'd like to read Stick It to Your Other Eye and all of the other Stick It webcomics, go ahead and check out my blog, but if you'd like to read these comics in order of release, start with Stick It to Your Other Eye. "Comics are my therapy. They're my only real escape from my pain, my grief, my frustration. Without comics, my life would be so much emptier. I would be so much emptier." - From a post on my blog in February, 2013. Most people have an understanding of how the world works, from elementary school science. I take this to mean that most people




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